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Finding the right lawyer is vital when you are facing a serious legal issue. The experienced attorneys at Tishkoff PLC practice in several different areas, including Bankruptcy, Business, Employment, and Litigation. Professionalism, Respect, Integrity and Results are the hallmarks of Tishkoff PLC. Tishkoff PLC is rated AV® Preeminent™ by Martindale-Hub- bell® Peer Review Ratings™, its highest rating. Let the Tishkoff Attorneys help you.

Background For Employment Law Attorneys

Tishkoff & Associates represented their client in Federal Court (Eastern District of Michigan, Honorable Julian Abele Cook, Jr.) on its claim against Sandalwood Enterprises, Inc., for breach of a non-disclosure agreement. The Federal jury rendered a verdict in favor of Tishkoff PLC' client on April 13, 2005. The original jury verdict was in the amount of $682,844.35. An Amended Judgment was entered on June 1, 2005, including accrued interest, for a total award to Mr. Tishkoff’s client of $759,515.35.

Tishkoff PLC represented their client, a former Executive Director of a Michigan municipal housing commission, against the commission on her wrongful termination claims of breach of contract and violation of procedural due process, the Michigan Whistleblower’s Protection Act and the Michigan Open Meetings Act. Tishkoff PLC obtained a settlement for his client of $318,199.91.

Tishkoff PLC defended their client, a limited liability company (“LLC”) member, from a $36 million, derivative liability, arbitration claim by the LLC co-member. The Virginia Supreme Court vacated the resulting arbitration award of $12 million against Tishkoff PLC’s client, agreeing with Mr. Tishkoff’s argument in the arbitration that the derivative liability claim could not be subject to the arbitration clause of the LLC operating agreement.

Tishkoff PLC obtained, for a small business owner with over $1.25 million in debt, including a secured judgment in the amount of $900,000, a successful Chapter 11 Bankruptcy reorganization, including the revocation of the secured status of the judgment creditor. The client’s unsecured debts were reduced to 25 percent of the amount owed, to be paid over 120 months.

Tishkoff PLC successfully defended an appeal of an order in favor of its clients, who owned lakefront property, which prohibited back-lot property owners from erecting a dock and mooring their boats at the terminus of a public alley which bordered the client’s property.

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