Constantly dealing with the phone calls from collections agencies can be stressful and aggravating. Trying to find a way to cover a stack of bills that just seem to get larger with each passing month can feel hopeless and depressing. Tishkoff PLC provides the one-on-one representation you deserve as we guide you through the bankruptcy process. The sooner you act, the sooner we can help you put a stop to the harassment and break out of the cycle of debt that has you trapped.

Break the Cycle

Many credit card companies charge an interest rate that is so high that paying the minimum balance each month will result in the total balance increasing over time. If you are behind on multiple debts, such as the loans on your car or home, then the interest payments are compounded by late fees and other penalties. When your debt is out of control and you simply cannot catch up, you will never escape the cycle — no matter how hard you try.

Filing Chapter 7Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will put a stop to the harassing phone calls from creditors and help to break you out of the never-ending cycle of debt.

Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy laws were put into place to create legal debt relief options. It is a way out of the never-ending and hopeless cycle of debt, and it is available to everyone. If you are struggling with out-of-control debt, then bankruptcy is an option available to you.

The bankruptcy court is not concerned about where the debts came from, just whether or not you are able to pay them. It is an excellent way to eliminate unsecured debts, like credit card debts and medical bills, so that you can move on and focus on rebuilding your finances. In many cases, it is possible to discharge your debts without having to give up key assets such as your home or car.

Stopping Creditor Harassment Lawyer

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with out-of-control debt is the nonstop harassment from collections agencies. Filing for bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to the harassment. Our attorneys will take the time to examine all of the details of your situation, including your goals for the future and identify the debt relief plan that will break you out of the crushing cycle of debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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